Centro Morgagni

The workshop venue is the Università degli Studi di Firenze, Centro didattico Morgagni, Viale Giovan Battista Morgagni 44, Firenze, Italy, room 303 (note that the south entrance at number 40 will be closed for maintenance work). The building belongs to the Biomedical and Technological campus and is located near the polyclinic.

Banquet location

The banquet will be on August 2nd at Terrazza Brunelleschi, on the top of the Hotel Baglioni, Piazza Unità Italiana 6, very close to the main railway station.

Reaching Florence



August is holiday season in Italy and we advise that you book your flight soon.


Although August is not high season in Florence, we advise that you book your hotel soon. You can book easily via online agents such as There are some hotels near the University buildings but the area has no special attractions and you may want to choose a central hotel and use the bus to reach the workshop venue.