Stefano Martina

I'm a Smart Computing PHD student at DINFO, University of Florence. I graduated with honors in computer science at University of Florence

My research interests are in the area of machine learning, with particular emphasis on algorithms for structured and relational data, in the context of medical data.

Please have a look at my blog about machine learning and artificial intelligence:, and at my github profile:


I'm interested in machine learning and its applications. In particular I've been working on recursive neural networks on medical text data. I worked on classification of tumor report records in collaboration with ISPRO.

In the past I worked at CERN in a software for the design of tracker geometry of CMS.


DINFO — Università degli Studi di Firenze.
Via di Santa Marta 3, 50139 Firenze, Italy.
Room 546 — Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

+39 (055) 275-8643

Directions. From Firenze main train station (Santa Maria Novella) take Bus #2 to Celso, then Bus #4. Public transit and car directions available below:

Below is shown a map of the second floor of Villa Cristina with Artificial Intelligence Laboratory highlighted in green (in red the office of my supervisor Paolo Frasconi).