Department of Information Engineering
Università degli Studi di Firenze
Via di Santa Marta 3, I-50139 Firenze, Italy
+39 055 275-8643

Research Topics

We are actively involved in the development and the understanding of machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms, as well in their practical application. In particular, we are interested in algorithms, architectures, and languages for learning with structured and relational data, using logical representations, graph kernels, recurrent and recursive neural networks, probabilistic models, multi-instance learning with neural networks, optimization of hyperparameters in learning systems and its relationships to meta-learning. We have been applying these methods in several different areas such as neuroanatomy (cell detection in whole-brain 3D images), healthcare, vehicle traffic forecasting, analysis of text and image documents, document recognition and information extraction, natural language processing, biology (prediction of protein structure and function) and chemoinformatics (small molecules classification, optical chemical structure recognition).

The laboratory was founded in 1988 by Prof. Giovanni Soda and over the years has hosted the activities of more than 30 academic staff, researchers, and graduate students.